Rich's Industrial Hand Blown Glass Pumpkins

Industrial. Glass. Pumpkins.

These hand blown glass pumpkins are all designed by me (Rich Small) and made by hand with the help of Morgan, Diane, Ben, and Jon. Each blown glass pumpkin is a unique piece, signed by me and dated. All are between 5 - 6" in diameter, unless otherwise noted. For an idea of the size, the tags tied to some of the stems are 2" squares, or 1/2 of a business card.

I know you're wondering how we make these fabulous little works of art, and I have a page describing (with illustrations, even!) in detail how we blow a glass pumpkin. And I also, thanks to my buddy Jason, have a cool video of making a blown glass pumpkin.

Blown Glass Pumpkin Inspiration

Yes, I was definitely in an industrial mood when I designed these glass pumpkins (and certainly when I made them). You might not think "metallic" and "blown glass" go together, but I do. I do!

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Acquiring a Glass Pumpkin

If you would like to buy one of these beautiful works of glass art, contact us via email with the # of the piece. If you're just browsing, be sure to click on the thumbnails; they all expand so you can see detail. And if you'd like to get on our mailing list, send us an email and we'll add you (we will not share or sell your email address, and we don't send out many emails, so you won't be inundated). (Inundated. Inundated! Man, that feels good to say. Inundated.)

Glass Pumpkin IndP88: $249

This is very difficult to describe. It's mostly glass...except for the metal dripping down the body. This is the only one I have, and the 1st one I made like this. 7" tall and about 6" across. Here are other views of this clearly industrial glass pumpkin.

Glass Pumpkin IndP90: $219

One of the chaos glass pumpkins. I actually have a video of making pumpkins like this one! Cool, huh? This one has a soft matte surface and a killer pewter stem. Of course it's all glass. Here are other views of this beautiful, chaotic glass pumpkin. Over 7" across and almost 10" tall with that stem.

Glass Pumpkin IndP91: $179

Another amazing example of the chaos glass pumpkins. I have a video of making pumpkins like this one on YouTube. The green peeking through on this 7" body is just astounding. And that stem. Looks like pewter, but made of glass. Just...did I already use "amazing"? Here are other views of this amazing, chaotic glass pumpkin. 9" tall.

Hand Blown Glass Pumpkin
Hand Blown Glass Pumpkin
Hand Blown Glass Pumpkin

Glass Pumpkin IndP92: $109

A stone glass pumpkin, but a little different: this one is nice and soft. A wonderful matte surface really makes this glass pumpkin look like stone. Not many things are neater than that. Here's a pic of the other side. About 6" across and almost 8" tall with that neat pewter-looking stem.

Glass Pumpkin IndP94: $299

This one is truly amazing. I have a video of making pumpkins similar to this one. The difference is that all of the color on this comes from those crazy wraps. It's different from every side, so if you ever get bored, just turn it 10 degrees. Here are other views of this swirly, chaotic glass pumpkin. And here's a close-up so you can see the detail. The killer pewter stem (it's really glass) makes this piece over 10" tall, with an 8" wide body.

Hand Blown Glass Pumpkin
Hand Blown Glass Pumpkin



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