Following are links to relevant glass companies and people.

Glass Studios and Glass Supply Companies

The Bay Area Glass Institute is a public studio that teaches glass (blowing, fusing, slumping, torching, and cold-working), does community outreach, hosts shows and events, and rents time to crazy people like me. It’s where I make my blown work.

Every year BAGI puts on the Great Glass Pumpkin Patch in Palo Alto. It’s such a cool show! If you’re local (or plan to be in the Fall), you can track the dates at their site.

Gaffer Glass is my favorite furnace glass color manufacturer. If you go to their site, you’ll see that the palette available to us glass artists is fairly limited. Glass color is not like paint, where we can mix blue and red to get purple.

San Jose State University has a glass program. I am amazed that I didn’t know about it when I attended, but I’m in it now! I currently help teach the casting program as a volunteer.

Bullseye Glass produces sheet glass for fusing and slumping and casting. I use their glass for my cast work.

Franciscan Glass is my local supplier for sheet glass. Very nice people, and very helpful.

HIS Glassworks is a great resource for cold-working equipment and supplies.

Jeff at Cutting Edge Tools makes the best shears! I have his duckbills and his diamonds, and they are the best.

Friends and Mentors

Michael Angelo Menconi (you must be an artist with a name like that) is a fabulous glass artist who taught me a great deal about color and cane. Especially using duro from Gaffer. He has a great sense of humor.

Another wonderful glass artist is Marc Petrovic. He is an incredible sculptor. You have got to see his glass birds! He also has a great sense of humor.